Marren is excited to announce the launch of an own-branded microwave. As an award-winning service and maintenance provider with 35 years’ experience, we are well placed to understand operator challenges.

Product development focused on a lower overall cost of ownership.  The cost of spare parts can often result in the decommissioning of a microwave because it’s uneconomical to repair. The only option is to invest in a new replacement microwave. Our priority was to encourage repairs rather than replace the microwave when a breakdown occurs. It’s designed and manufactured to ensure you benefit from a lower total cost of ownership with no compromise on quality. The product is more sustainable and reduces the amount of waste going into landfill. A comparison with similar models highlighted the savings. We looked at the cost of the top 10 replacement parts and compared them with our microwave. There were significant cost reductions, by up to 80% on some of the parts.

There are several design features included to help our customers. All backed-up by a manufacturer 3-year on-site warranty.

  • Quick and easy to clean with removable roof and cavity liners which are dishwasher safe
  • Top and bottom magnetron for a greater and more even heat distribution
  • 17L capacity to allow more food to be cooked in one cycle
  • 1800 power watts for faster cooking times, increased efficiency and speed of service
  • 100 auto programs for accurate temperature settings with over or undercooking prevention

Central menu development is important for many companies. Which is why the microwave has a USB function. Head Office can update and distribute auto programs seamlessly. Within a local site, you can input the programs and quickly copy over to another unit.

The microwave has a removable facia with various design options where you can apply company branding. There is also space for the food item to be written and logged against the relevant program number. A great feature if you have a high turnover of staff or make regular changes to the menu.


Kelly Barrell, Business Development Manager at Marren had this to say; “sustainability was always going to be an important factor for us, but we needed to deliver this without any compromise on quality. Our knowledge of operator pains has helped us develop this product and we are excited about this launch.

“To celebrate the launch and in recognition of our commitment to the environment, for every microwave sold we will donate funds to the Woodland Trust to plant a tree. A Buy One Get One TREE offer, so to speak. Tio learn more about Worldland Trust click here

“There has already been a lot of interest from our existing customers. The microwave has been tested in a major restaurant chain and department store. Both have placed sizeable orders based on their experience.”

For more details get in touch with one of our team.