Six 500 Food Packaging

SIX500 is the first performance packaging to be produced for use in accelerated ovens. It can withstand temperatures of 525°F (273°C) for up to six minutes. The versatility of this product will enable you to extend your menu choice. This is possible because the packaging is designed to maintain the quality of food ingredients, whether cooked from a frozen, thawed or chilled state. Producing appetising meals with the correct consistency and texture.

There are many benefits to using this food packaging in your commercial kitchen.

  • Shorter cooking times for a more efficient operation

  • Optimal moisture and heat resistance

  • Custom laminated food contact surface for clean, easy release of food once cooked

  • Quick to cool and handle for staff and customers

  • Premium food quality for a wider range of menu choices

The packaging is available in four different series of bowl, entre, side and pan. You have several sizes to choose from within each of these with plenty of scope for recipe development and portion sizing.

Marren is one of only a few UK distributors of this product. It has been developed then tested to meet all the required safety and compliance standards in an accelerated cooking environment.

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