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5 foodservice industry trends for 2019

  With the year fast drawing to a close, it’s customary to look ahead and get a feel for what trends might be heading the way of the foodservice industry. The good news? There’s quite a lot to look forward to! And, to help you get that marketing plan in order and start considering the new and wondrous ways you can draw in more diners and build greater advocacy towards you brand, here’s five of what we believe to be the [...]

5 common problems with commercial ovens

Commercial ovens are crucial pieces of equipment in any food service business. Without them, you simply can’t provide most of the products you advertise; it can be life or death for the operation. That’s what makes this industry both exciting and nerve-racking - so much hangs in the balance in order for restaurants to deliver the perfect dining experience. Thankfully, most of the stress associated with commercial kitchen equipment potentially breaking down can be alleviated if you’re aware of the common [...]

What to consider when buying new appliances for your commercial kitchen

Buying a new piece of equipment for your restaurant, coffee shop takeaway or fast-food outlet is always tricky. Beyond the need to dip into that all-important cash flow, you’ll need to take several factors into consideration. However, you probably don’t have a huge amount of time on your hands to mentally prepare a list of things to consider when buying new appliances for your commercial kitchen. So… we’ve done it for you! Will it offer good ROI? Buying new kit for the sake [...]

5 ways to master the ‘fast casual’ restaurant model

If you haven’t heard of ‘fast casual’ dining, you’ll almost certainly have experienced it. The rise of fast casual can be attributed to the public’s desire for dining experiences that are quick but which still offer high quality food. Fast food has long been a staple of convenience dining and a desire to cure late night hunger, but fast casual sits a notch above. Owning and running a fast casual restaurant can be very lucrative indeed, but there are a number [...]

5 things to focus on when opening your first small restaurant

Opening a small restaurant in the modern foodservice industry is challenging, but, if you get it right, one of the most rewarding career paths available. As with any business, the secret sauce (if you’ll excuse the pun) lies in the planning you do before you open your doors for the first time. This blog isn’t intended to be an A-Z guide for restaurant planning, but it will provide you with five things you absolutely must focus on and which should be [...]

Microwave ovens: a brief history

If you work in the foodservice industry and rely on rapid cooking technology, you’ll be used to simply popping your food into a microwave oven, pressing a couple of buttons and watching as it magically undertakes the cooking process perfectly. We do the same at home - it’s culinary convenience that’s tough to match, but have you ever wondered where the microwave oven came from? There’s some ingenious technology and ideas going on behind the scenes when you press that ‘go’ [...]

The importance of Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

If you work in the foodservice industry, there’s nothing worse than a key piece of equipment in the kitchen breaking down - mainly because you just know it’ll do it at the worst possible time. This is particularly the case with accelerated cooking and microwave technology; so important are such devices when it comes to maintaining high levels of service, that any issues with reliability and performance can have a direct impact on the bottom line. Thankfully, there’s something called Planned [...]

14 years and counting as SafeContractor Accredited!

We’re delighted to announce that Marren has achieved SafeContractor accreditation for the 14thyear in a row. Above, you can see our Procurement and Logistics Manager, Lee Scroxton, proudly holding the certificate! SafeContractor is a health and safety audit service for tradespeople and businesses that is very similar to the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). It’s a brilliant way to reassure our customers that Marren works safely and in accordance with the latest regulations and guidelines. This is particularly important [...]

Kelly Barrell joins the Marren team

We’re delighted to welcome Kelly Barrell to the Marren team. With over twenty years’ experience in sales, and fifteen in the financial sector, Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge, business know-how and expertise in account management to Marren. “I worked for Abbey for almost ten years,” explains Kelly. “That gave me plenty of experience managing customer accounts, developing new business and even managing the brand development.” Five years in the commercial catering spares industry followed, where Kelly worked for GEV Catering [...]

Accelerated cooking or rapid cooking: what’s right for your business?

The phrase ‘time is money’ certainly applies in the food service industry, and it’s why so much of the technology that heads into commercial kitchens is focused on producing food quickly, safely and efficiently. Accelerated cooking and rapid cookers have transformed catering, but choosing the right type for your business doesn’t appear to be that simple, on the face of it. After all, they sound the same, don’t they? Accelerated and rapid cooking technology is similar, but it certainly isn’t identical, [...]