Accelerated Cooking Ovens

Accelerated cooking machines are designed to cook food rapidly. They combine convection cooking with a microwave and will heat food about five times faster than a conventional oven. Designed to speed up food production and enable more customers to be served in a shorter timeframe.

The technology in these rapid cook ovens is very accessible in a commercial environment. Ease of use is a key consideration in a fast-paced kitchen, which is why these units come with a large selection of set programs.

Frequently cooked food items are represented with an icon-based interface. The settings are pre-programmed, so you don’t have to worry about how long to cook the food because it's already been defined for you. This means you can consistently produce a wide range of quality foods in very quick service time.

Ideal for commercial kitchens where your customers are ordering their food at a counter and then sitting down to eat in-house. The food is not required immediately but you do need to deliver it quickly. Accelerated cooking ovens have been around for some time and developments in the technology have improved the variety of foods that can be cooked.

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