Samsung Microwave Ovens

A range of commercial microwaves bringing powerful performance to any commercial kitchen. Offering several options including pre-programmed settings and a faster cooking process to save you time as well as effort.

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  1. Samsung CM1929 Microwave Oven
    Samsung CM1929 Microwave Oven Code: SA-CM1929
  2. Samsung CM1919 Microwave Oven
    Samsung CM1919 Microwave Oven Code: SA-CM1919
  3. Samsung CM1519XEU Microwave Oven
    Samsung CM1519XEU Microwave Oven Code: SA-CM1519XEU
  4. Samsung CM1099XEU Microwave Oven
    Samsung CM1099XEU Microwave Oven Code: SA-CM1099XEU
  5. Samsung CM1089 Microwave Oven
    Samsung CM1089 Microwave Oven Code: SA-CM1089XEU

5 Items

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