Sharp Microwave Ovens

A well-known global brand and leaders in the commercial microwave market with over 50 years of experience in the industry. A popular and affordable range of commercial kitchen appliances for any professional kitchen, providing high power units that deliver an efficient cooking solution. 

A selection of Sharp microwaves offering exceptional cooking quality. For more information simply get in touch with us today via the Livechat or call us on 01933 665313 

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  1. Sharp R-23AM Microwave Oven
    Sharp R-23AM Microwave Oven Code: R-23AM
  2. Sharp R-22AT Microwave Oven
    Sharp R-22AT Microwave Oven Code: R-22AT
  3. Sharp R-21AT Microwave Oven
    Sharp R-21AT Microwave Oven Code: R-21ATP
  4. Sharp R-1900M Microwave Oven
    Sharp R-1900M Microwave Oven Code: R-1900M

5 Items

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