Commercial Microwave Ovens

A key piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen. Offering speed and efficiency to defrost, cook, reheat and steam food. Commercial microwaves are designed for frequent use and are built with heavy-duty components to ensure they can be operated over a sustained period-of-time.

We offer a range of microwaves from well known brands including Sharp, Panasonic - plus our own model the Marren ISM 1800W microwave.

The control panel on commercial microwaves is fully programmable. Which means you can pre-set the menu of heating times for what you need. A single press of the button will heat the food to give you fast and reliable service. 

Available with much greater power outputs, these products will typically have 1900watts compared to 700 to 900watts for a domestic microwave. The commercial microwave oven will reduce heating times by as much as 60% which will contribute to a more efficient operation.