Catering Equipment Service and Repair London

Marren are the UK’s leading foodservice equipment specialists, specialising in microwave technology, High-Speed cooking, Rational combi oven, cook and hold and specialist forms of foodservice equipment. A reputation that has been established over 35 years with experience of repairing, servicing and maintaining catering equipment.

Catering Equipment Repairs in London

Marren has been carrying out repairs for over 30 years and understand that commercial catering equipment is critical for your business. A breakdown can have a significant impact on you and your customers. Which is why we work towards a 95% first-time fix priority for any business in London both inside and outside the M25. 

Commercial Microwave & Oven Repairs for London 

Our service technicians operate nationwide and are experienced in dealing with a wide range of catering equipment which includes commercial microwave repairs. We cover all the major brands including Hatco, XpressChef and Sanyo. Vehicles are fitted with a tracking device so when we receive a request from the London area, we can despatch the nearest engineer to you as quickly as possible.

All our vans carry many spare parts which are re-stocked regularly from our main warehouse. Our approach is based on a first-time priority but if an engineer is on-site and doesn’t have the part, provided it’s in our warehouse, it will be delivered before 8am the next day via ByBox.

A Marren service technician is a specialist because of our training and experience. They can diagnose and fix units quicker because they deal with the same faults regularly. It also enables them to find more efficient ways to perform the repair without compromising on quality.

We provide support for independent local shops as well as national chains of pubs, cafés and restaurants. Working to keep professional kitchens operational. 

Catering Equipment Servicing in London

If you want to minimise the risk of a breakdown occurring, we provide Planned Preventive Maintenance service packages to suit your needs. This is an approach to catering equipment servicing that will ensure greater efficiencies, reliability and safety for all your assets. Plans are available for Turbochef, Rational, Falcon and Merrychef as well as undertaking commercial microwave RF leakage checks.

Why not get in touch today and find out more about our catering maintenance service options.

We have dedicated staff depending on the type of query you have, but if you have a general query, our service staff will be more than happy to help.

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 Tel: +44 (0)1933 665313 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my catering equipment need to be repaired by an approved engineer?

During any warranty period, your equipment needs to be repaired by an approved engineer. Once the warranty has expired you don’t necessarily need an approved engineer. However, we would advise you to be cautious as they may not have the necessary expertise to carry out the repairs.

How often should commercial catering equipment be serviced?

These are high usage units and vital for your business. We would recommend an annual service which would include us providing you with an advisory on any worn parts. This will enable you to make an informed decision on replacing these parts before they cause a breakdown. Preventative maintenance will ensure your equipment remains efficient and operational when you need it.

What happens if your engineer doesn’t have the part?

Each of our nationwide fleet of vans will carry over £20,000 worth spare parts. They are stocked by our specialist engineers who repair and service a wide range of catering equipment. If they need a part that is not on the van, we use a ByBox system which will deliver the part to them before 8am the next working day.